Grant Leach

Grant Leach - Profesisonal Psychic Medium

Grant Leach – Profesisonal Psychic Medium

My story

It is said that before Grant was born his Great Aunt Dolly Ashcroft, medium and healer, visited the house of his grandmother and told her she needed to see this new baby for when he was born, and so she did.
They said she placed her hands on the top of Grants head, muttered a few words and walked out. His grandmother died four days later.
The family believe she knew her time was near and passed her gifts onto Grant.

Grant never started to work with spirit until he was thirty years old so now he has over 17 years service with the spirit world.
Grant has worked hard to gain the position he has today through hard work, and dedication to his guide- Nicholas Black Elk whom he speaks very highly of to many people.

Grant is a very talented medium although he only sees himself as a channel for his guides to work through,  he boasts of 13 spirit guides that work through him on many levels.

Grant started developing in spiritualist church circles and was always doubting his ability to serve the spirit world.
During his development he learned to read Tarot cards and judging by clients feedback he does this very well, clients use words such as amazing, accurate, fantastic and gifted.

Grant also provides many forms of healing such as Reiki Shamanic Healing andSshamanic Soul Retrieval which has helped many clients.

He loves to be on the stage says it is his domain and loves to connect with people and have Nicholas flow through him to provide guidance for his audience.

Grant has taken part in negative clearings from people and buildings again with a very positive success rate. He has only ever been asked to return to one property in sixteen years.
Grants aim for the future is to get to as many people as possible and wants to visit as many Cities as possible and share this wonderful gift with everyone.

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