Margaret Bennett

Margaret Bennett - Profesisonal Psychic Medium

Margaret Bennett – Profesisonal Psychic Medium

My journey into the spiritual side of life

Looking back there was always something there.

When I was a child I remember that I didn’t want my feet to be out of the bed, so the big dog didn’t get my toes.

I remember in my mind, seeing what I now know was my guiding wolf; our small dog was always in the kitchen and not allowed upstairs.

I grew up in a house where the “not normal” happened on a regular basis. It was never anything like a horror movie but my Grandmother had a connection to Spirit, although she maybe had a problem with grounding & protection.  One of my earliest memories is when I was sat at my nanna’s house and her two Alsatian dogs were cowering with their hackles up, and the door just opening itself.  It was also around this time I would be drawn to watching the flames in the fire (age 6) and being aware of moving pictures.

My mam was also really attuned to the Spirit World, but she chose to switch her “Gift” off, and through our teenage years I know she could read our minds!  Growing up, we were aware of a Spirit World without a doubt.  Whilst I was going through the last stages of my 20 year marriage, my children were all in bed, my husband was at work and I was by myself when I heard voices in my ear.  I looked around for where the voices where coming from, no T.V. or Radio on.  Once this had happened for a few nights, I had the thought that if I had a gift of some type, I should develop it.

The next day I picked up the phone book and made a call to start development lessons.

I love doing the local Spiritualist Church Services and passing on messages from Spirit to their loved ones.  I am also a qualified Spiritual Healer and I have done my Level 2 Reiki.  I have met many lovely people during my connections and working with Spirit.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

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